Thursday, June 25, 2009

My favorite aunt came to visit!!

Steven seems to have a special place for Aunt Julie. Maybe it is because she used to not have kids and so she would pay more attention to him, or maybe it is because of "that guy with the motorcycle" he still talks about playing with (aka her husband Clint). Either way, he was so excited for her to come and we had so much fun having her here. Julie and Caden
Steven, Andrew, and Caden

Once he discovered his old baby toys, and the baby occupying them was gone,
Andrew claimed them back for his own!!!

What is this baby doing here??

Aunt Julie even went down in the Submarine with Steven at COSI.

How come my mom never does that??

Steven trying to get Caden to smile-he usually doesn't pay much attention to babies, but he really liked Caden and kept giving him toys(not always wanted) and making him smile!

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Julie said...

I don't think I saw Andrew actually in the baby toys, lol. He looks so funny in them. I think I figured out why I didn't remember you had cut your hair a while ago. It's because I always see your family picture on your blog and your hair is long.