Monday, July 6, 2009

No more swimming!

Who else would be so excited to get a cast (especially a glow in the dark cast)!! Whenever Duane has a break we always seem to make at least one visit to urgent care or are wiped out sick-so this is what we got this last week:)
In response to what happened, we were having an exciting afternoon at galaxy, when we heard a loud scream-after realizing it was our child who had fallen and performing a medical evaluation (good thing a 4th year medical student was there), it only took us 24 more hours to take him in to urgent care. (So you don't think we are bad parents, it was a very small break and this was our repeated conversation with Steven when trying to decide. "Steven does it hurt a lot or a little?" "Well, a little." "Does it hurt here?" "no" "Does it hurt here?" "no" "Does it hurt here?" "Well, a little." Not very helpful!!