Sunday, October 11, 2009

What we LOVE!

My handsome boys!!

Playing downstairs with our toys!

(And anything else involving food-Andrews most famous phrase is "mmmmh"-he can spot a papa johns a mile away!!)

My dad and playing games on his IPOD!

Pajama day at school!
(I would cry whenever my buzz light year slippers accidently came off)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Growing up:)

Andrew started going to a daycare/preschool one morning a week after I work and while Steven is at school. He loves it and no longer cries when we leave him places! While there they sleep on cots, though, so we thought we would try the toddler bed at home. He has been so excited for his new bed, and for the active boy that he is, has done surprisingly well. He has also started talking more and you can actually understand some of the things he says (YEAH!!). Now, once we get rid of the binkie at night and stop the drooling, he will no longer be my baby:(

Very delayed post!!

August was full of visits from both sets of grandparents-Steven and Andrew loved all of the attention and were sad to see them go!! Sadie is the only dog Steven says he likes-all others he runs and hides from as fast as he can! He loves when Grandma and Grandpa bring her and she is all he can talk about after they leave!
A little ride on the camel at COSI

We have really tried to make reading something Steven and Andrew enjoy doing-but Grandpa Larry is the ultimate example!!!

We finally went to the National Air Force museum, it is huge!

Andrew is the busiest little boy I know! There aren't too many pictures of him because he won't sit still (unless we strap him in somewhere)!!

Yes, I still drool-especially when I am having fun:)

Monday, July 6, 2009

No more swimming!

Who else would be so excited to get a cast (especially a glow in the dark cast)!! Whenever Duane has a break we always seem to make at least one visit to urgent care or are wiped out sick-so this is what we got this last week:)
In response to what happened, we were having an exciting afternoon at galaxy, when we heard a loud scream-after realizing it was our child who had fallen and performing a medical evaluation (good thing a 4th year medical student was there), it only took us 24 more hours to take him in to urgent care. (So you don't think we are bad parents, it was a very small break and this was our repeated conversation with Steven when trying to decide. "Steven does it hurt a lot or a little?" "Well, a little." "Does it hurt here?" "no" "Does it hurt here?" "no" "Does it hurt here?" "Well, a little." Not very helpful!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's finally getting HOT!!

Having fun in the pool

Steven's newest garage sale item-every time we go for a walk Steven asks "Mom, can we go to a garage sale?" I guess that is what happens when you live on a budget and only buy your kids toys at garage sales-sorry Steven!!

Steven did a program through the Hilliard rec center called Safety Town. He loved it! For a week he went to 3 hours of class each day where firemen, policemen, etc came and talked about fire safety, crossing the street, poison control, bike safety, pool safety, and on and on! He came home each day with more and more information on what to do when there is a fire, or if a dog is chasing you, and some pretty funny songs too. They had a graduation Friday night-a little over kill-but they seemed to like it.
Steven after graduation

After Fire day

I love my sandbox!

I am finally starting to talk. If you give me something
I really want, I might say "Thank you!"

June birthdays come and gone!!


Steven had a fun batman/superhero party. Despite the thunderstorm that started about five minutes into the party and lasted until about ten minutes until the end, the kids seemed to have a lot of fun!! He had to have superhero capes, so the kids got to decorate their own princess/hero cape. Steven also helped me make a cool bat pinata!!

I think he was smiling almost the entire time!

My new bike

My favorite aunt came to visit!!

Steven seems to have a special place for Aunt Julie. Maybe it is because she used to not have kids and so she would pay more attention to him, or maybe it is because of "that guy with the motorcycle" he still talks about playing with (aka her husband Clint). Either way, he was so excited for her to come and we had so much fun having her here. Julie and Caden
Steven, Andrew, and Caden

Once he discovered his old baby toys, and the baby occupying them was gone,
Andrew claimed them back for his own!!!

What is this baby doing here??

Aunt Julie even went down in the Submarine with Steven at COSI.

How come my mom never does that??

Steven trying to get Caden to smile-he usually doesn't pay much attention to babies, but he really liked Caden and kept giving him toys(not always wanted) and making him smile!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mmmhhh, this tastes good!

I thought these pictures were pretty cute.
Andrew was thoroughly enjoying his cantaloupe.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lots of Pictures!!

After the Capital City Half Marathon. I made it!!We had a busy week on Duane's week off last week. After my wonderful husband took apart our car and fixed the fuel gauge and the a/c (I should have taken pictures!!) we drove down to Cincinnati for a few nights. Besides one small child screaming half the night the first night-I wonder who that would be-we were able to enjoy a visit to the aquarium and children's museum. I finished the week off with my half marathon and a nice long nap!

Andrew loved the Children's museum-as you can tell by his drool
soaked shirt(he is getting 4 new teeth as well)

Here he is pushing his shopping cart around full of food and various
other items he picked up on the way

Those are the sharks swimming by in the background. Duane and I touched one of the smaller ones-but Steven wouldn't have anything to do with that!

Look at those frogs!!

Easter Morning-why do I put that green grass stuff in their baskets??? I'm not quite sure, but I seem to find it around the house for the next few months.