Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's finally getting HOT!!

Having fun in the pool

Steven's newest garage sale item-every time we go for a walk Steven asks "Mom, can we go to a garage sale?" I guess that is what happens when you live on a budget and only buy your kids toys at garage sales-sorry Steven!!

Steven did a program through the Hilliard rec center called Safety Town. He loved it! For a week he went to 3 hours of class each day where firemen, policemen, etc came and talked about fire safety, crossing the street, poison control, bike safety, pool safety, and on and on! He came home each day with more and more information on what to do when there is a fire, or if a dog is chasing you, and some pretty funny songs too. They had a graduation Friday night-a little over kill-but they seemed to like it.
Steven after graduation

After Fire day

I love my sandbox!

I am finally starting to talk. If you give me something
I really want, I might say "Thank you!"


TyJenBauer said...

I can't believe how old your boys are getting - especially andrew, he is a different kid then the last time I saw him. Such cute boys! When is the next one coming? Jen

Julie said...

I love the pictures of the boys playing in the pool. It looks like they love it! I'm glad to see that Steven isn't scared to jump in it. :)