Sunday, January 11, 2009

We are still here!

Well, we are still alive! It has been awhile since I have posted anything, but to those of you still patient enough to check our blog-here are lots of pictures from around christmas time. We really enjoyed our Christmas break with Duane's two weeks off of stress free, no school, no studying for a major test time! We hope you all had a Merry Christmas!! It finally snowed this last week-although just a sprinkling we thought we
better take advantage of it
Here is the trouble maker in action-he loves racing for the stairs and climbing up as high as he can get before you catch him. He also loves getting into the cupboards and seeing what noise all of the different pan lids can make on anything he can bang them on!

This is the typical Andrew-drool all over, one sock off, and a huge smile on his face
-the only thing missing is his binkie!

Christmas break projects

So after 7 years of marriage, I thought it was finally time to make some stockings. My original plan was to get all 4 done, but you know how that goes. So I got the person's done that appreciated it the most! We will see if I get the other three done in time for next year. We found a really good deal on some tile and needed to replace part of our shower, so we decided to tile it-we will just say it took a little bit longer then we thought-but I really like it!
My wonderful husband was brave enough to put in some recessed lighting in our main room. It is wonderful!! We no longer live in the dark:)


Here are a few pictures from Christmas. Andrew represents the
"eating lots of food" part of Christmas!
This is Steven's prized Christmas gift from Grandma-a lego set to build a boat, truck, etc. It was a good thing he got it, because the night before Christmas he said that Santa was going to bring him legos! Amazingly he hasn't lost any parts yet-we will see how long that lasts!

This year's gingerbread house consisted of graham crackers hot glue gunned to a cardboard box house-sorry Steven and Andrew!

This is after pajama day at school-Steven was so excited to go in his pajamas and drink hot chocolate and eat popcorn while they watched a movie. He is holding a book his teacher gave to him as a Christmas gift