Sunday, September 20, 2009

Growing up:)

Andrew started going to a daycare/preschool one morning a week after I work and while Steven is at school. He loves it and no longer cries when we leave him places! While there they sleep on cots, though, so we thought we would try the toddler bed at home. He has been so excited for his new bed, and for the active boy that he is, has done surprisingly well. He has also started talking more and you can actually understand some of the things he says (YEAH!!). Now, once we get rid of the binkie at night and stop the drooling, he will no longer be my baby:(

Very delayed post!!

August was full of visits from both sets of grandparents-Steven and Andrew loved all of the attention and were sad to see them go!! Sadie is the only dog Steven says he likes-all others he runs and hides from as fast as he can! He loves when Grandma and Grandpa bring her and she is all he can talk about after they leave!
A little ride on the camel at COSI

We have really tried to make reading something Steven and Andrew enjoy doing-but Grandpa Larry is the ultimate example!!!

We finally went to the National Air Force museum, it is huge!

Andrew is the busiest little boy I know! There aren't too many pictures of him because he won't sit still (unless we strap him in somewhere)!!

Yes, I still drool-especially when I am having fun:)