Monday, May 11, 2009

Mmmhhh, this tastes good!

I thought these pictures were pretty cute.
Andrew was thoroughly enjoying his cantaloupe.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lots of Pictures!!

After the Capital City Half Marathon. I made it!!We had a busy week on Duane's week off last week. After my wonderful husband took apart our car and fixed the fuel gauge and the a/c (I should have taken pictures!!) we drove down to Cincinnati for a few nights. Besides one small child screaming half the night the first night-I wonder who that would be-we were able to enjoy a visit to the aquarium and children's museum. I finished the week off with my half marathon and a nice long nap!

Andrew loved the Children's museum-as you can tell by his drool
soaked shirt(he is getting 4 new teeth as well)

Here he is pushing his shopping cart around full of food and various
other items he picked up on the way

Those are the sharks swimming by in the background. Duane and I touched one of the smaller ones-but Steven wouldn't have anything to do with that!

Look at those frogs!!

Easter Morning-why do I put that green grass stuff in their baskets??? I'm not quite sure, but I seem to find it around the house for the next few months.